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Αlpha Theta Nu

Αlpha Theta Nu


The Αlpha Theta Nu / ΑΘΝ  acronym (short for ΑΘΗΝΑ - Athens) is loosely based on the typical  fraternity - sorority tradition, featuring the commonly known as ‘Greek’  font as it usually appears on the collegiate student clubs’ apparel.  The AΘΝ pattern is a homage to Greece is for Lovers’ home town and apart  from the letters themselves, it is adorned with the Athenian life  symbols of chewed up drinking straws, cigarette butts, disposable  lighters and crucifix pendants.

Commissioned by 48x17 Cycles

Edition: οpen 

Material: 2-way stretch Lycra

Dimensions: race fit sizing in S | M | L | XL | XXL

Images: Theodoros Tempos, Petros Gkotsis

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