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The Worst Street Journal #07 - FetiShit of GIFL

The Worst Street Journal #07 - FetiShit of GIFL

FetiShit: A GIFL vs. GIFL design face-off:


Greece is for Lovers’ Christina Kotsilelou and Thanos Karampatsos are known for running the namesake high specification design studio, as well as for compulsively buying, collecting and essentially hoarding lots of things. GIFL know objects, objects are what they do best. They smugly declare that years of excessive shopping and collecting has been their true design education, rather than that of any established art school.

In a cathartic attempt, Worst Street Journal asked them to absolve their commodity fetishism by compiling a list of their most prized possessions for issue #7. After a frenzy of scraping vaults’ bottoms and ransacking time capsules, they each came up with 13 design items that they worship the most, the crown jewels of their individual obsession lists.


Featuring a double sided poster highlighting these individual fetish collections.


Magazine Dimensions: 16.7 x 24 cm

Poster Dimensions: 48 x 23.5 cm

64 pages

Paper: Munken Lynx, 90 gms

Colours: Black & Pantone ORANGE 021 C, CMYK

Offset printing


Edition: 300 hand numbered copies

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